The Power Of Storytelling: Exploring New Horizons

Film Making Curriculums Tailored for Tomorrow's Spielbergs and Tarantinos:

By interweaving education with real-world experience, we instill confidence, cultivate creativity, and empower students to become the trailblazers of tomorrow. Our mission is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling and the lasting impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.


The Ripple Effect: Beyond Films, Transforming Communities

Amplifying the Underrepresented: NGS is more than a film school; it's a beacon of hope. Offering life-altering experiences, it empowers underrepresented youths from low-income backgrounds. By facilitating direct interactions with industry stalwarts, we ensure their voices resonate far and wide.

A “Golden Ticket” to Hollywood: Real-world experience in Hollywood is a rare gem. Through NGS, students gain invaluable insights, forging connections that could pave their way into the entertainment industry's inner circles. With the right tools and guidance, we're forging a bridge to Hollywood for the next Spielberg or Ava DuVernay.

Elevate Your Community's Prestige: NGS isn't just about individual growth. Our program is backed by celebrity endorsements and industry experts, which brings unparalleled PR opportunities. Elevate your school's reputation, reignite passion among educators, and watch as your community basks in newfound recognition.

NGS Is More Than a Program; It's a Movement: By blending hands-on experience with expert mentorship, we're sculpting the future of Hollywood, one story at a time. Dive in, and let's script a narrative that generations will cherish. Join us in our mission to create, inspire, and elevate. A short-film competition held at a local film festival we create in your region.

Students will create and showcase their films, earning a chance to compete on a National level across the country at various other festivals NGS has partnerships with. These students will each get an IMDB credit along with an accredited curriculum credit while working alongside their creative writing/drama teacher.