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Superintendents, Are You Seeking A Revolutionary Approach To Education?

Our curriculum enhances student engagement and fosters a creative educational ecosystem

The NGS curriculum illuminates the path to success for students by harnessing the star power of Hollywood's finest. We are committed to enriching the educational landscape with the unparalleled experience of making a film, and offering the opportunity for superintendents to elevate their districts and foster the talent of tomorrow. This is teamwork for storytellers.

Enhance The Creative Learning Model

We offer superintendents an innovative, immersive educational model that not only boosts student engagement but also propels community development.


How Our Programs Impact Schools and Communities

  • Champion the underrepresented voices and undiscovered stories within our society.
  • Teaches students that talent knows no economic or social boundaries.
  • Meaningful industry exposure
  • Assist students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in classroom, real life, and the film industry.
  • From ideation to execution, our students are given the tools to craft their narratives.
  • Underscore the intrinsic value of creative education in shaping holistic, empowered individuals.
  • Amplify the voices of youth, positioning them at the forefront of the industry.

Change Starts With One SuperIntendent At A Time

You can be the one responsible for paving the way for a new generation of creative pioneers. Our learning process fosters an environment of growth and learning, promoting community transformation through the universal language of film.


Do you only work with Title one (1) schools?

No! We teach filmmaking to everyone, everywhere. And we are not even limited to high schools. We have implemented programs from 6th grade to the collegiate level.

What type of school is this program for?

Our curriculum can be implemented in any school, grades 6–12. Every student has a story, and the more diverse the voice, the better. We can teach tailored filmmaking programs to everyone, everywhere…..because filmmaking is for everyone!

What is the goal?

  • The goal is to position students for success and encourage their voices to be heard.

How much does it cost?

  • We have a tiered structure to fit every budget.
  • In most cases grants are available.

How is the NGS curriculum implemented?

  • We deploy a 24 week virtual and/or in person educational program, complete with top tier film professionals in the entertainment business.
  • Armed with that knowledge, students will gain “hands on” knowledge and apply it to creating and shooting studio quality films with top notch movie making equipment actually used in Hollywood.

Is the NGS curriculum interdisciplinary or afterschool?

  • Interdisciplinary Program: Our curriculum is designed for teachers to enhance adaptive learning in their current curriculum and add value to their existing coursework.
  • Afterschool Program: We offer extended afterschool learning programs with one of our NGS certified teachers combined with a subjective Hollywood mentor to speak about the relevant topics of focus. Let’s us know the topics and areas of interest, and we will match your school with a Hollywood professional to mentor your students.

What “reach” will the NGS curriculum have?

  • Our program has worked effectively to combine the existing assets and courses of any school. The curriculum can be incorporated into any or all of the following course subjects: English, band, art/graphic design, technology, carpentry/woodshop, history, mechanics, transportation, law, and culinary classes.

What kind of exposure will the program bring to our school?

  • Filmmaking takes a village! We bring the community together, harnessing the influence of the school district, community, and local, state, and national media outlets that are eager to cover our programs.
  • Trusted and appropriate corporate sponsors from both the local community and Hollywood magnify student voices and offer additional exposure.

Does the NGS curriculum cultivate job opportunities and real world experience?

  • A film set is actually a small slice of life. Students learn teamwork because it requires so many different disciplines and personalities to join forces and produce a story together. Hands on experience leads to potential internships and job opportunities.

Will students who participate in the program earn usable credits?

  • Yes! Participants obtain usable IMDb credits and will be able use on their CV or resumes.

Are paid internships available?

  • NGS offers paid internships and advocates on behalf of students who complete the program so they will be better equipped to enter the workforce.

How can we get involved?

  • Contact us via email, and a Next Generation Storyteller will follow up with you!


Episodes of TV experience

70  years+

Film Making Experience


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Hollywood Mentors

Extend the magic of Hollywood into the classrooms and turn students into storytellers!