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24 Week Crash Course

Learn from the Best: The best way to learn how to make a film is to make it. But before you make it, we believe students should learn from the professionals who do it for a living. Every film begins with a good story. So, together with award winning screenwriters, the students will learn and be able to ask questions each step of the way. 

Writing ain’t your thing? There are plenty of different skill sets required to make a film. Every production department will be featured throughout the weeks. Truth be told, it takes a village to make a film. 

Is behind the scenes not your thing? Then maybe stepping out in front of the camera and acting in the film might be the right fit. And guess what? Those students will be mentored by Emmy and Golden Globe winning actors. 

Course breakdown

  • Screenwriting - 8 weeks
  • Pre-production - 6 weeks
  • Production - 6 weeks
  • Post-production - 4 weeks

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