Jason Cook - COO - NGS

Jason Cook - COO

Jason Cook - COO

25 years of entertainment industry experience.

About Jason Cook - COO

Has 25 years of entertainment industry experience, is the COO of NGS and has established himself as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry for over two decades. Recognized for his soap opera roles on "Days of Our Lives" and "General Hospital." During his tenure in the film industry, Jason has worn many hats, where he was the writer, director, and producer, including “Four For Fun" in 2022, "The Creatress," starring Fran Drescher, Peter Bogdanovich, and Lindy Booth, available on Amazon, Paramount+, and online sites.

Apart from his cinematic achievements, Cook ventured into the literary world, publishing notable works such as his debut, “Love Life To Death,” in 2019 and following that up with a literary science fiction novel, “Diary of the Invaded,” and a horror novel, “Fauxtox Party.” 

His success can be measured by the expansive reach of his projects on platforms like Disney+, NBC, and ABC where he wrote, directed, and produced numerous short films. After selling his first screenplay in 2006, he traveled around the world shooting his first feature documentary on pharmaceutical drug abuse, “Numb To Life.”

Jason is the founder of Digital Cuvée and produces long format, cross platform branded content. “State of Bacon,” a feature mockumentary, was produced in such a way at the world's largest bacon festival. “Love Afterlife,” a short horror film, was seen over 600,000 times on YouTube and Facebook.

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