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Jacob Young - Founder

Jacob Young - Founder

Emmy® award Winning actor and seven (7)-time Emmy® nominee

About Jacob Young - Founder

Jacob clinched the coveted Emmy® award and was Emmy® nominated seven (7)-times marking a lifelong goal in his illustrious acting career.

His exceptional portrayal as JR Chandler on ABC’s "All My Children”, a role that he contributed to crafting, earning him the prestigious Annual Prism Award®. This award, as industry insiders would know, celebrates authentic depictions of addiction, substance abuse, and mental health in the world of entertainment.

Jacob resonates with his voice through "Real Conversations with Jacob Young", a monthly podcast that dives deep into genuine, heartfelt dialogues.

Remember Lumiere from Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway? That was Jacob. And not just any Lumiere, but the one who rekindled the Broadway spirit, catapulting the show back to the top 10 must-watch musicals.  From sharing screen space with giants like FOX Searchlight, AMC, and Disney+ to featuring on platforms such as ABC, CBS, VH1, MTV, E! Entertainment, Hallmark, and Lifetime, Jacob's journey has been nothing short of cinematic brilliance. If you think he’s just acting, think again.

Over the last decade, Jacob has seamlessly transitioned to the other side of the camera, showcasing his prowess as a TV and film producer. He has evolved into a multifaceted artist with a tremendous passion for the craft. His dedication has manifested into stellar performances but has also paved the way for budding talents, proving that he's not just a star but a guiding constellation in the entertainment galaxy.

Jacob as been an avid supporter of Boys Town, a non-profit that offers life-changing youth care and health care services, since 2019. His collaboration has led to heightened awareness of the diverse services offered by Boys Town. His advocacy extends to commercials, social media collaborations, and notably, his podcast.

Itʼs amazing when young minds are able to actually physicalize and experience what they thought was totally unachievable” ~ Jacob Young - Co-Founder of Next Generation Storytellers

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